We have worried EMF(ElectroMagnetic Field) for a long time

Especially we also worry about the newly coming 5G RF(Radio Frequency) EMF. 

This newly man-made 5G has never been until now. 

Nobody knows how dangerous it is to all living creatures on our Mother Earth.

Our concerns of EMF and its blocking idea have been accumulated for a long time. 

These have been leading us to the related commodities for EMF blocking.

We will show them to this world one by one.

Major EMF sources and its commodities

1. RFless Guardian - Smartphone case for RF blocking

RFless Guardian, smartphone case   : blocking smartphone RF EMF

Development : Nov2018 ~ Feb2020 (16months)

product Release : Mar 2020

Key Features

  • RF EMF blocking performance is maximized. Uncomparable with others.
  • It protects us from smartphone RF all the time. Even when smartphone is not used.
  • Real wood and genuine leather are adapted for main materials. Eco-friendly.
  • Meet the basic smartphone case requirement. Protect our smartphone safely.
  • Kickstand function. Conveniently enjoy watching movies or YouTubes.