Guard EMF

Company specializing in electromagnetic blocking

electromagnetic waves from around us,

GuardEMF will protect your safety and health.

1. RFless Guardian (For Smartphone)

2. Safe Canvas (For Electric meter box/Wall ourlet)

3. Safe WiFi (For WiFi router)

What is EM?

Electromagnetic waves are waves of electromagnetic fields that occur when electricity flows.

One of the things that generates electromagnetic waves is the sun, which emits radio waves of different frequencies, and a significant amount of it reaches the Earth.

Also, because we occupy the frequency domain of visible light waves that we feel with our eyes, the Earth is kept warm by electromagnetic waves, 

and all living things on Earth are directly or indirectly affected by electromagnetic waves.

The Effect of Electromagnetic Wave on Us

Exposure to strong electromagnetic waves in the body's weak electrical signal system leads to abnormal electricity, resulting in various diseases depending on the person's constitution.

Electromagnetic waves also reduce melatonin, which greatly affects the body's immune system. 

This decrease in melatonin can cause insomnia, decreased immunity, malignant ovarian and prostate tumors, dementia, and Parkinson's disease, and chronic fatigue caused by obstruction of normal cell division, eyelids, runny nose, dizziness, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, etc.