About Us

The Start of SafeCanvas.

SafeCanvas for Electromagnetic protection purposes has been developed since 2017 by the request of a lot of mothers to protect their families from electromagnetic hazards. After we verified high level of electromagnetic radiation was emitted from the wall outlet and meter/fuse box inside our house, our development was started.

We have researched the shape and size of all fuse boxes and wall outlet used in all worldwide countries. We have been focusing on a good visual effect while covering the bad-looking fuse box and the wall outlet. It also took a lot of time to find the methods and materials that can maximize the protection of electric and magnetic fields.

We have been doing every efforts to improve the completion level of our products during lots of  trial and error. Finally we were able to release our first version of the product to the world on January of 2019, as the tiny and shabby version.

Our first version is surely tiny and shaddy. However, we will be doing our best to show attractive prices, improved design and function, and more environment friendly and healthy SafeCanvas through the next versions of the product.